The Strength of A Woman





By Frank E. Beaver

The Strength of A Woman is an outstanding example of Independent Filmmaking at its finest. The narrative follows the journey of a determined young woman, Janet Thomas (Regina Riddle) from competent, but maligned office worker to courtroom prosecutor in search of justice and recompense. The film’s thematics touch on many of the vagaries of contemporary married life, while simultaneously exposing how easily innocent people can become scapegoats for another’s secretive behavior. Janet must deal with critical issues that spring from both home and the workplace, and she does so with the resolute commitment of an Erin Brockovich.

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In 2007, Richard was driving on a highway when his car started spinning out of control. He braced himself as the car bounced several times off a concrete brick wall. Rushed to the hospital a barrage of questions followed when in the midst of all the chaos, someone said a semi-truck hit him. It’s a blessing he’s alive. The bad part is the crash left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). With the brain injury came depression, headaches and memory loss. The symptoms still come and go but with the help of his caregivers, he reluctantly decided to build a new life.

He enrolled in three film classes at a community College. The Center for Student Access at the school wrote a letter to his professors asking for more time to complete assignments and other accommodations. After giving the letter to a professor, Richard felt that the professor looked down on him. He decided right there and then to not use the accommodation services and to not give the accommodations letter to his other professors. The embarrassment of having a disability got the best of him. The same guy who earned an MBA from Michigan’s Ross School of Business couldn’t keep up with the class work. He ended up with a 1.5 GPA.

It took Richard five long grueling years to learn how to make a movie. What that says is don’t underestimate people with a disability because we’re not done yet, we’ve got more victories ahead. He knows what he’s talking about because in the book Shattering Limits, he talks about managing his disabilities while pursuing the dream to become a filmmaker.

After reading Shattering Limits, stay curled up on the couch and watch Richard’s debut movieThe Strength of A Woman. It’s a heartfelt film about a married woman, who for the first time in her life goes after her dreams. These incredible works of art will have you reaching for the stars!

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